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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Durian in Bangkok


Posted by : Roger Mooking, Thu, Feb 07 2013

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Chef Roger Mooking recently traveled to Bangladesh and Bangkok and returned with lots of photos and stories about the incredible food culture. We'll be publishing a new post every Thursday for the next two months, so stay tuned!  Without further ado, enjoy Roger's fifth post below! 


Bangkok is full of food. There's some type of food on what seems like every single block. Restaurants, cafes, takeout, food markets and street food carts live on every corner and seem to all be busy at the same time.

On this particular day I was walking along the Silom area in Bangkok where you can find Pho, Pad Thai, cut tropical fruit in bags, meat on skewers and this Durian cart. If you have never had Durian, it has the distinction of being a very smelly fruit with a creamy custard-like consistency. Often people who like it do not like to bring it home because it will smell up their whole house, so the vendors have taken up the slack and offer it on the street already portioned and cleaned minus the mess and smell. Durian can be very large, as you see here, so it also intimidating to buy if all you want is a little taste.

The little golden pods on the left of this picture are the fruit after it has been removed from the green spiky ‘shell’ and is what is the good sweet creamy part that is then portioned and bagged for the equivalent of $1. After laboriously extracting the fruit, what is left is a fleshy web on the inside and the green exterior (which you see in the front), which is then discarded for being inedible. 

Some people love Durian but you gotta at least try it to find out.




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