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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Quail Eggs in Bangkok


Posted by : Roger Mooking, Thu, Feb 21 2013

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Chef Roger Mooking recently traveled to Bangladesh and Bangkok and returned with lots of photos and stories about the incredible food culture. We'll be publishing a new post every Thursday for the next two months, so stay tuned!  Without further ado, enjoy Roger's seventh post below!  


I love quail egg and have served them in many a restaurant over the years. They're usually reserved for fine dining restaurants in Canada.  In Bangkok, quail eggs are an everyday street food and seemingly very abundant and readily available. 

These eggs are cooked in cast iron pans that have about 2 dozen concave divets in them. After adding a little bit of oil and preheating the pan, the quail eggs are dropped in and allowed to get crispy and fully cooked through. Served in a plate with chopped lettuce, this is a quick, simple and tasty snack that can be topped with hot sauce, sweet chili sauce, or simply sea salt. 

Not everything needs to be extravagant to be great.



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