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3 Wine Glasses, From Low to High End


Posted by : Jessica McLaughlin, Wed, Jan 14 2009

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A few years back I bought these great wine glasses for my aunt at Christmas. I got a deal and I've always kicked myself for not buying a set of my own at the time.

On my last few visits to IKEA, I've been intrigued by the IVRIG glasses (below, left) because they're a similar shape to the ones I purchased for my aunt. But I'm not sure if I want to go for the everyday ware or go all out on some really nice glasses. What do you think?


From left to right: IVRIG is a bargain at $2.99 a glass at IKEA, Riedel's Vitis series is available for around $65-$85US for a set of two white wine glasses, and Sur la Table offers up Pure Tritan at $78US for a set of 6.

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Posted: Wed, Jan 14 2009 by Jessica McLaughlin

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