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Book and Giveaway: Susan Feniger's Street Food


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Sep 25 2012

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The Stats: 

Title: Susan Feniger's Street Food

Price: $32 CDN

Availability: Major bookstores and retailers


The Book: 

Susan Feniger is nothing short of an absolute legend in the food industry. She is one of the original stars of Food Network, the woman behind Border Grill and STREET restaurants and a regular on the series Top Chef. It's safe to say the woman does it all.


Her latest book, Street Food, is sure to be a hit among her devoted fans, and will also surely attract a new following of foodies. Since much of her inspiration comes from food carts around the world, it's no surprise that her book is full of delicious and creative international recipes. If you're a fan of ethnic cuisine, or you're thinking of incorporating a wider range of foods in your kitchen, Street Food is just the book you need.


Featuring 83 gorgeous and unexpected dishes, this book will truly blow you away. Throughout her years of traveling, Susan has become an expert in combining different ingredients to create meals that taste authentic and stay true to their roots. What's even better is the fact that the book includes Susan's personal travel stories as well as stunning snapshots from her time abroad. This is much more than just a cookbook. My favourite aspect of Street Food has to be the fascinating description of ingredients that may be unfamilar to many readers. If you love learning about different cultures around the world, you'll adore this book.


Street Food has got you covered from all sides. Featuring main dishes, desserts, appetizers, drinks, and even condiments, you won't have to search very hard for inspiration to create a meal that you and your guests will never forget. Check out and try her recipe for Spicy Yuzu Mayo below!


Final Analysis: 

You may like it if... 

  • You're open to experimenting in the kitchen
  • You love ethnic cuisine

You may not like it if... 

  • You prefer familiar comfort food
  • Your guests/family are picky eaters


I have two autographed (!!) copies of Susan Feniger's Street Food to give away to a couple of lucky winners. For your chance to win, email giveaways@foodnetwork.ca with the answer to the following question:

How many recipes are included in Street Food?




Spicy Yuzu Mayonnaise 

Makes 2 cups


This mayo is a killer (and I mean that in the best way only). You can use it as a dipping sauce with a steamed artichoke, or with leftover steak for your steak sandwich. We squirt this on top of our tatsutage fried chicken at STREET (see page 94), and it’s what makes people die for that dish! The flavor of yuzu is uniquely floral and more complex than fresh lime, which is more sweet and acidic. The combination of yuzu juice with the sweet Japanese mayonnaise is what makes this simple sauce exceptionally delicious. However, if you can’t find yuzu or Japanese-style mayonnaise or the chile paste, use regular store-bought mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, and any fresh chile, chopped or pureed in a blender, to create a similar result.


2 cups Japanese-style mayonnaise (I prefer Kewpie brand)
2 tablespoons yuzu juice
2 tablespoons yuzu kosho chile paste


Put the mayonnaise, yuzu juice, and chile paste in a small bowl and whisk together until well incorporated. Store the mayonnaise in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Yuzu Kosho Chile Paste


This Japanese seasoning is a mixture of yuzu zest, chile peppers, and salt, which is then allowed to ferment. Look for yuzu kosho in Japanese specialty markets. If you can’t find the paste but can find yuzu juice, you can mix it with roasted serrano chiles and the zest of fresh limes.


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