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Ask a Host with Lynn Crawford: How Do You Microwave Lobster?


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Tue, Feb 16 2010

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I'm happy to welcome Chef Lynn Crawford in the  Ask a Host spotlight.  She takes over this week from our favourite glutton Bob Blumer, who will be back in three weeks time so keep those questions for Bob coming.

Our gal Lynn's got lots on the go. Her new show Pitchin' In is getting great reviews, and she's about to open a restaurant of her own in Toronto's Leslieville! (More to come on that).  

We'll kick things off with a question from Bill Shearson who saw Lynn cook lobster in an unusual way in an episode of Pitchin' In. Bill asks: I have cooked a lot of lobsters in my time but never in a microwave!  Would you be kind enough to give me the recipe for that which I saw on your show ?  I need a)  the power level,  b)  how long?  and c) how much water was in the plastic bag with the lobster?

See the video below for her answers.

If you have questions for Lynn, please ask away in our forum: Got a question for Lynn Crawford?

Ask a Hostis featured Tuesdays.

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Posted: Tue, Feb 16 2010 by Catherine Jheon

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