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October's Cooking Club Challenge Results: Michael Smith's Fettuccini Alfredo


Posted by : Val Outmezguine, Mon, Oct 31 2011

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Life is busy. So busy, that it's hard to take the time to make a lovely home cooked meal (I know this a little too well.) Because things can get overwhelming at times, I figured we should try to cook a simple meal that doesn't lack in flavour. Thankfully, Michael Smith's Fettuccini Alfredo delivered to the nines. It was quick, easy and extremely heavy in taste... and maybe butter! 

I'm thrilled to share that everyone who participated in October's challenge only had positive things to say about this dish. Moreover, I doubt there were many leftovers to fight over (yes, it was that good.) And I can't forget this month's winner Jeanette, who paired her lovely pasta dinner with a cool glass of white. Can't go wrong there!

Congrats Jeanette!


 Chef Jeanette B: "This Fettuccini Alfredo is so rich and creamy, you're almost committing a sin eating it. I took it one step farther by adding baby clams and mushrooms. Mmm. Add the mushrooms with the garlic, substitute old bay seasoning for the nutmeg and add the baby clams at the end with the noodles just to warm them through. I also added the clam juice to the boiling water for the fettuccini. Bon Appetite."    

 Chef Angie B. 

 Chef Angie B: "I quite enjoyed Michael’s recipe. I added an extra clove of garlic and instead of Grana Padano parmesan cheese I substituted Parmigiano Riggiano and Asiago. I didn’t add the nutmeg, but added grilled shrimp sautéed with a little olive oil and hot crushed chilies. My family really enjoyed the dish."  


  Chef Katherine S: "This was a nice easy challenge to make mid-week and left some room to add our own flair if we wanted! I decided to increase the garlic on this one and also added some seared scallops and shrimp to the mix. It was very well received! The sauce did get a little "glommy" after serving, but nothing that cut down on the enjoyment. Another good one from Chef Michael Smith!" 

Katherine S  

  Chef Summer B: "I whipped up Michael Smith's Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner this evening and loved both the luxury and ease of the dish... browning the butter gave the sauce such a nice rich, nutty flavour! I added fresh steamed asparagus to counterbalance the richness of the sauce - it was a lovely combo."    


 Chef Darryl J: "This was another quick one for a weeknight supper. It was very similar to some creamy pasta dishes that are regulars are our house, and we chose to lighten it up some using 2% milk and a roux. The Grana Padano cheese was a different route than we'd normally go, and I'm glad we did, it was very good."  


 Chef Salmon F: "Alfredo served on top of Fettuccine spinach noodles with carrot sticks, minced green onion and quartered scallops, a very delicious combination that works :)"   


 Chef Audrey S: "This sure was a saucy pasta! My boyfriend made his signature homemade pasta, and for the sauce I followed the recipe. Except that I reduced the butter by half (supposed to be on a diet here!) It made for a succulent meal!" 


 Chef Erin & Richard M: "Alfredo has always been my family's favorite pasta sauce. I have always (shamefully) used a store bought sauce but this recipe seems so easy, I gave it a try. It's so easy, so creamy, so garlicky and just SO SO yummy! Thank you. I won't be using store bought again. I also made fry some prawns and leek in garlic and olive oil to complement the pasta dish."    


 Chef Sophie C!  


 Chef Wayne O: "The garlic has to be added late in the browning process. It's not even there for 10 seconds before adding the cream, or it will burn! I cut the recipe by 2/3 and it worked well. The end result is significantly delicious, far better than the original ever thought of being!    


 Chef Val O: "I decided to add some shrimp to the mix, and my pasta dish couldn’t have been more delicious! It was so creamy and garlicky that it all had to be devoured! Super good."  


Posted: by Val Outmezguine

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