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Back and Forth: Chatting with Our Twitter Followers - Week 3


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Oct 30 2012

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We're back with the third installment of our new weekly blog post, Back and Forth, where we post some of the interesting (and often hilarious) conversations we've had in the past week with our Twitter followers. This week, we asked you about your least favourite foods, and you all had us laughing out loud with your answers. Without further ado, check out these great responses and tweet us @FoodNetworkCA to let us know if your answer made our post!


@KO_Caroline - how do you spell #brusselsprouts? In any language, B-L-E-C-H!!
@KmiObrdvc - #Eggplant! Why’d I want to eat something that looks, smells, tastes and feels like squishy mucus?!
@TweetsByDimples - Anything mint chocolate. It's like I'm eating toothpaste.
@Tracy_Ranick - Cilantro is my least favourite food. To call it food is almost criminal & the English translation is 'tastes like soap'.


@eilidh008 - #PickledThings. Just can't get on-board with anything pickled, especially eggs floating in murky, pickle-y fluid in a jar.
@BhuDeo - Rapini! It bubbles on the stove all day long like a swamp. I tell my Mom I feel like a hand is going to come out and grab me!
@gsnackingcruz - Raw tomatoes because they're squishy and taste like feet to me
@Eatyourcity_ca - Least fav foods probably be cow brain soup (texture of gummy tofu) and bitter melon smoothie (self explanatory) #funnyfoods
@geokaren - I had cold pickled duck tongue - nasty, nasty but ya gotta try it right? #funnyfoods


@CRKWwrites - Meatloaf! It's just wrong. Just think about it...a loaf of meat! Blah. My mom used to make it ALL the time! #funnyfoods
@leannebakes - Mayonnaise is my least fave food. So simple, yet so repulsive. #funnyfoods
@VancityBakeShop - Chopped liver!! When I was little refused to eat it, thinking I was being fed the dog’s poo. To this day grosses me out
@BCfoodieblogger - Brussel sprouts.... Why would anyone eat something that smelled like week old soccer socks! Yuck
@aliciabeesha78 - Green peppers, peaches, and cilantro... not mixed together although that would be a nightmare #funnyfoods


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Posted: by Souzan Michael
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