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Recipes to Complement your Zodiac Sign


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Thu, Jan 02 2014

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Determined to get a head start on meal-planning in 2014? So are we, and we’ve consulted the ultimate planners: the stars. The Food Network Canada team delved into the world of horoscopes and determined which recipes best complement each zodiac sign’s personality traits. Talk about planning ahead!

Aries: The most fiery of the three fire signs, Aries men and women like their food spicy and they want it fast. No fuss, no complications, and definitely no subtlety.
Recipe suggestion: Spicy Barbecue Wings

Taurus: Simple, comforting foods appeal to this sign, as they see a strong association between emotional pleasure and delicious dishes.
Recipe suggestion: Chicken Pot Pie
taurus recipes

Gemini: Geminis are the conversationalists of the zodiac and will rarely be found eating alone. The ideal meal is, of course, samples of different appetizers at a party. Bites that eat like a meal will have them fuelled to mingle the meal away!
Recipe suggestion: Bite-Size Empanadas
gemini recipes

Cancer: The ultimate homebody, Cancers have an endless craving for comfort food. Slow-cooked, hearty and traditional? Perfect.
Recipe suggestion: Slow Cooker Beef Stew
cancer recipes

Leo: As a sign that gravitates toward a lavish lifestyle, Leos crave indulgent, elegant dishes. A meal is more than just a meal for a Leo; it’s all about the experience and atmosphere.
Recipe suggestion: Sweet Corn Ravioli and Genoa Salami in a Truffle Foam
leo recipes

Virgo: Virgos are not only the perfectionists of the zodiac, but they are the most connected to the earth. What does this mean in the kitchen? Stick to natural, healthy foods that taste great and are great for you.
Recipe suggestion: Warm Kale Bowl
virgo recipes

Libra: This sign is best defined in one word: sweet. Their quiet and peaceful nature translates to food in the form of – what else? – something to satisfy a sweet tooth.
Recipe suggestion: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
libra recipes

Scorpio: As with everything else they encounter, a Scorpio requires their food to be intense. This sign is all about taking pleasure to new extremes, so there’s no such thing as too much.
Recipe suggestion: Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes
scorpio recipes

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac and has a never-ending thirst for exploration and new experiences. When it comes to food, they don’t shy away from trying new things. The more exotic, the better.
Recipe suggestion: Coconut Indian Chicken in a Bag
sagittarius recipes

Capricorn: Tradition is a key factor in a Capricorn’s life. Their busy lifestyle and serious attitude draw them toward hearty, filling foods. They’re not ones to try out the latest restaurant or food craze, so stick to the classics.
Recipe suggestion: Shepherd’s Pie
capricorn recipes

Aquarius: This airy and friendly sign is drawn to anything creative. Known as the artists of the zodiac, they love to admire a dish’s beauty before they start eating. With them you don't dive into your dish, but rather tiptoe in, to savour every beautiful bite.
Recipe suggestion: Creme Caramel
aquarius recipes

Pisces: This artsy and emotional sign is drawn to seafood and loves a gorgeous plate presentation. Since they love colourful, light dishes, Mediterranean recipes are great options.
Recipe suggestion: Grilled Calamari with Tomato Olive Salsa  

pisces recipe 




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