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GUEST BLOGGER: Indian Groceries in London, Ontario


Posted by : Anonymous, Fri, Sep 07 2007

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Shortly after becoming a vegetarian, I received a copy of Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi. This cookbook was my first introduction to the myriad flavours of Indian cooking traditions. Even before visiting an Indian restaurant, I was learning the secrets of the spicy cooking techniques of India in my own kitchen.

Of course this meant I needed to find somewhere to purchase the dals and spices that are unique to the region, and I was excited to discover India Spice Centre, now located at 611 Wonderland Road North in London, Ontario.

The Indian grocery is owned and run by a lovely Indian lady named Sandhya Vattikonda. She has been in business for five years and often participates in food festivals and events throughout the city, promoting Indian culture and cuisine at Sunfest, the annual Western Fair, and the upcoming Indian Festival to name a couple. India Spice Centre is one of the few remaining Indian groceries remaining in the city, but it's so well-stocked, and reasonably priced, I've no doubt Indian chefs in the city are more than satisfied.

I can still remember the very first time I visited the store. If the aromatic experience wasn't enough, I was excited to find all of the ingredients I'd been hoping to find and more. Like me, Sandhya is a firm believer in making food from scratch.

In addition to an extensive variety of spices and spice blends, dals and legumes, rice, produce, tea, chutneys and pickles, shoppers can choose from a selection of Indian sweets and pastries prepared in a kitchen located at the back of the store. I can never resist picking up some samosas and onion bhaji when I make a trip, and this visit was no different.

Inspired by my visit, I decided to once again make Mushroom Methi Curry with Basmati Onion Rice, as I also picked up some Kasoori Methi (dried fenugreek leaves) which I didn't have on hand last time I made it. Serve with Urad Dal with Tomatoes and an Indian flatbread for a satisfying and tasty vegetarian Indian meal.

Lisa shares her passion for food daily at Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen. The spicier, the better. 

Posted: Fri, Sep 07 2007 by Anonymous
Filed under: Recipes

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