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Video of the Week: Lynn Crawford, NYC's Union Square Market, My Big Mouth


Posted by : Elana Safronsky, Mon, Aug 31 2009

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Lynn (left) and I got us some treats on the fly and had an impromptu picnic in Union Square Park.  See details in a photo gallery on Bazaar.

A big mouth for yummy treats that is! *Achem*   As you may have noticed if you follow the blog, I'm making the most of my trip to New York City.  At the behest of the Almond Board of California I hit the Big Apple to witness a gainfully delicious dessert demonstration, and stayed  a few extra days to see what else I can shake down. 

An absolute must on my list was to catch up with the jet setting Chef and Host of Restaurant Makeover, Lynn-funny-lady-Crawford.  We lost her to the city when hotel Four Seasons New York poached her from the Four Seasons Toronto as Executive Chef, nearly four years ago.  Since then, Lynn certainly hasn't been simply polishing her pots.  A new show for Lynn -- tentatively entitled The Fearless Chef --  is in the throws of production, and it is to my sheepish fortune -- her misfortune -- that I caught her.  Lynn had a minor mishap on set and was sent home for some brief time off. 

Ever-the-accommodating personage, I met Lynn at her suggested location, the Union Square Market, for  a little catch-up, a little snacking and some very interesting revelations...and I made a video!  My chin does do quite a lot of wagging here, but not for nothing -- Lynn is quite happy to throw us great tips on this and that, and we even put an American on the spot with a little Food Network Canada prodding.  (Who doesn't love US/Canada polarization?)  Anywhoo - Enjoy!


Ever been to the market?  What do you think of the premise of Lynn's new show? 

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Posted: Mon, Aug 31 2009 by Elana Safronsky

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