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Behind the Scenes of Dinner Party Wars


Posted by : nanglin, Tue, Aug 24 2010

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DINNER PARTY WARS: premiering on Wednesday, September 1 @ 9pm ET

This fall we'll have a new Food Network Canada show to watch, dissect and debate over every week and it's called (drum roll please!) Dinner Party Wars. Part reality show, part foodie competition, it's a little different than what we're used to in that there aren't any iron chefs battling it out and no one is opening a high-end restaurant.

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Instead, each week three couples are pitted against each other to see who can throw the ultimate dinner party. The get-togethers are held in the contestants' private homes and they're judged not only on the food, but on how entertaining the event was as well. Outside, the judges watch in real-time from a trailer where they sample the evening's menu and critique the hosts on their skills.

You'll recognize one of the judges immediately, it's our very own Chef Corbin Tomaszeski from Restaurant Makeover fame. He's accompanied by the feisty Anthea Turner, a British television presenter who hosted the BBC Three show, Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife.

I visited a shoot at the end of July where I saw the magic of television unfold before my eyes: extensive lighting set ups (I cannot stress how important the lighting was, when I thought they were done, they came back to make even more adjustments), cameras that make my camcorder look like a discounted kid's toy, and the overall process of directing and meshing together the elements that go into making a television episode. Fascinating stuff.

Add to this the time restraints (they have to adhere to a strict schedule to get everything done in time for when the dinner party guests arrive) and the fact that on this particular day the humidity was at an all-time high. Don't ever let anyone tell you making television is an easy endeavour; it's hard work and the crew was in a word: awesome. I'll have my behind-the-scenes video to share with you guys in a few weeks, so be sure to check back for that to see for yourself!


Posted: Tue, Aug 24 2010 by nanglin

Get to know:Nadine Anglin

Howdy foodie friends!

Nadine Sharon Anglin here, Foodnetwork.ca Content Producer. I can't wait to finally meet all of you in our new digital home.

I'm familiar with a some of you from our blogs and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Foodbuzz, but am looking forward to meeting many more! Hope to continue with all the great conversations and sharing of photos, videos and more :-D

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