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Interview: Anthea Turner Talks Dinner Party Wars


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Wed, Sep 08 2010

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Anthea Turner is probably best know across the Atlantic for her BBC Three show The Perfect Housewife, where she taught people how to clean and run their houses.

But don't go assuming Anthea is some buttoned-down, pearl wearing housefrau, she's not.

She's a super hip and very stylish - with a passion for shoes.

Anthea was funny and charming on the set of Dinner Party Wars   which airs tonight @9pmET.

On Dinner Party Wars, hosted by Anthea and Corbin Tomaszeski, three couples go head to head in a ruthless, no-holds-barred dinner party competition.

Throwing fancy dinner parties for strangers on camera? Sounds like good TV no?

I ran my interview with Corbin "Toma-sexy" last week.

This week it's Anthea's turn. Check out the video below.

I've got more interviews coming your way including one with Anthea and what Corbin and Anthea REALLY thought about working with one another! That's a fun one.


Posted: Wed, Sep 08 2010 by Catherine Jheon

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