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Discuss & Vote: Lynn vs. Michael in Iron Chef Battle?


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Mon, Oct 18 2010

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Over the years more than a few Food Network Canada chefs have done battle in Iron Chef America's Kitchen Stadium -- David Adjey, Susur Lee, Rob Feenie, Lynn Crawford and Michael Smith among them.

Rob Feenie won against Masaharu Morimoto, while both David and Susur tied (David against old-roommate Michael Symon and Susur against Bobby Flay), Lynn and Michael met a less kinder fate -- both defeated at the hands of Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

Now we KNOW Michael and Lynn are champion chefs -- so we thought as a fun exercise what if Lynn did battle against Michael in a make-believe Iron Chef Canada event?

Who would reign supreme? And what should our secret ingredient be? I'm thinking fiddle-heads!  Would LOVE to hear your thoughts.


Posted: Mon, Oct 18 2010 by Catherine Jheon

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