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Video: Behind the Scenes of Dinner Party Wars


Posted by : nanglin, Wed, Nov 24 2010

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Tonight marks the season finale of Dinner Party Wars (tune in at 9pm et/6pm pt), a show that pits three couples against each other in an entertaining battle royale! As I mentioned earlier in the season I spent the day on set (actually, there is no set since each episode is shot on location, but you get the gist), where I captured photos (which you can see in the show site) and candid behind-the-scenes video (which you can see below!).


Once the dinner party begins the robocams (robotic cameras rigged throughout the house) take over and the crew track the action from a mobile truck outside. I wish I could have shown you the dinner party itself, but then I would have ended up in the episode, ha!

Oh, and a little factoid before I sign off: This particular episode was shot on a sweltering hot day in late July. I don't know that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk or anything, but you could tell someone you did and they'd definitely believe you--that's how bloody hot it was! I had to sneak off set to a local coffee shop to bask in some air-conditioning glory (not a very classy moment for me). However, Corbin, Anthea and the crew motored on like the pros they are (guess I should keep my day job...).


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Posted: Wed, Nov 24 2010 by nanglin

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