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New Year's Video: Lynn Crawford's Resolution for 2011


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Fri, Jan 07 2011

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Did you make one? I'm talking about New Year's resolutions, of course.

I'm strong enough to admit that I'm weak when it comes to resolutions. That's why I stopped making them years ago but our Lynn Crawford is never one to shy away from a challenge. I mean did you see the premiere episode of Pitchin In where she stays up all night babysitting  5000 chicks? Great TV. If you missed it be sure to watch the Poulet Rouge Chicken episode here. (l also love how red she gets when she's teased about the kind of PJs she wears! Hehe).

Anyway here's Lynn talking about her New Year's resolution! It's a good one.

Tell us your New Year's resolution? Maybe I'll feel inspired to make one.


Posted: Fri, Jan 07 2011 by Catherine Jheon

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