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Interview: Chef Corbin and Anthea On Dinner Party Wars Season 2(2)


Posted by : Nadine Sharon Anglin, Wed, Aug 31 2011

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Dinner Party Wars season two premieres tonight at 10pm et/7pm pt and promises to deliver on a whole new crop of wacky cookery and undermining hosts.

We visited Chef Corbin and Anthea Turner on set (in their trailer Winnebago no less) and they gave us the scoop on the new season. According to the duo, people are now becoming way more savvy, but are still making the same mistakes (par exemple: serving hot food on cold plates--perish the thought!).

Plus, I'm happy to report that the pair actually get along swimmingly, despite their notorious occasional tit-for-tat antics on camera. However, would you really want that aspect of the show to end? We all know it's half the fun of tuning into Dinner Party Wars anyway!

Check out their video interview below for more:


Posted: Wed, Aug 31 2011 by Nadine Sharon Anglin

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