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Just Desserts

Just Desserts

Episode 5


In this cavity inducing episode of Chopped Canada, a different childhood sweet appears in each basket.  Our four chefs must really dig deep as they look to marry candy and fish, duck and snack cakes, and relish and graham crackers in this sweet episode. 

The Contestants

Paul Lillakas

Age 24 from Toronto, ON. Paul is a personal and catering chef. He specializes in smaller scale, refined dining in a home setting. While cooking has always been a constant in his life, Paul also has an interest in comedy – which he has studied and also performed. A self taught chef, Paul wants to prove himself in the Chopped Canada kitchen.

Terrance Tew

Age 22 from St. Thomas, ON. Terrance is a sous chef at Port Cunnington Lodge & Resort. He trained at Fanshawe College and has over 5 years of experience. He loves being among nature – especially hunting and fishing. If he survives the chopping block, he would use the winnings to open up his own butcher shop.

Eric Wood

Age 34 from Toronto, ON. Eric is the executive chef at the Beverley Hotel. Originally from Edmonton, he has worked all over North America, including under the renowned chef Michel Richard. Eric wants to continue to make his mark on the city.

Bryan Birch

Age 30 from Toronto, ON. Bryan is the chef de cuisine at Barque Smokehouse. He trained at Stratford Chefs School and has over 10 years of experience. With the winnings, he would open a restaurant that elevates Caribbean cuisine.

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