Past Contests and Winners

The Go RVing Road Trip Contest is now closed.
Congratulations to the contest winner Paula K. of Cookstown, ON.

The Foodies Take Flight Contest is now closed.

The Canadian Cheese Match Contest is now closed.
Congratulations to finalists Courtney C. from BC. (Canadian Smoked Cheese, Jalapeño & Thick Cut Bacon), Darla W. from NB. (Canadian Mascarpone, Pear & Maple Syrup) and Linda S. from ON. (Canadian Aged Cheddar, Onions & Chorizo).

The Fleischmann's Make It and Bake It With Anna Olson Contest is now closed.
Congratulations to winners Florence C. of Paradise, NL, Corrina V. of Edmonton, AB. and grand prize winner Dianne W. of Woodstock, ON.

The Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes Contest is now closed.
Congratulations to the grand prize winner Sharon T. from Mississauga, ON.

The Capital One Aspire Higher World Traveller Contest
Congratulations to all the winners: Steve L. from Iroquois, ON; Esther H. from Edmonton, AB; Laura-Lee L. from Calgary, AB; Susan C. from St. John's, NL; Carol H. from Winnipeg, MB; Cyrille P. from Coquitlam, BC.

Win the Ultimate Backyard BBQ from Webers
Congratulations to grand prize winner Dorothy L. from Onoway, AB. Congratulations to secondary prize winners: Barbara L. from Sherwood Park, AB; Helen W. from Burnaby, BC; Shelagh R. from Scarborough, ON; Alfred W. from Edmonton, AB; Jenness M. from Winnipeg, MB.

GLAD Use What You Buy Challenge
Congratulations to winner Michelle W. from Grandview, MB.