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Crash My Kitchen

Crash My Kitchen is a prime time "culinary makeover" show designed to dig you out of your food rut and open up a world of culinary possibilities. Crash My Kitchen combines the audacious intervention of What Not To Wear with the comic support of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

From shopping to cooking, to the dining experience, Crash My Kitchen frees you of your old cooking habits and gives the palette a new perspective, encouraging you to explore and experiment, transforming old favorites and creating new ones.

From the moment "The Real-Life Hero" is ambushed at the dinner table, our dream team of food therapist Lisa Helmanis, Chef Corbin Tomaszeski and stylist Jasmine Baker take over, critiquing the "before" meal and customizing a makeover menu that’s made to measure.

Staying true to taste, budget and lifestyle. Corbin leads the Hero through the "meal-a-morphosis". With some simple tricks and surprising revelations, he transforms their humdrum dish and the Hero into a culinary champ.

Once the meal is complete our food stylist goes to work, offering unique and playful touches that make the dish a feast for the eyes.

Crash My Kitchen is shot and packaged in a fast paced, funky style. The cheeky humour and useful information will appeal all wannabe chefs in need of a "dine intervention".

Corbin Tomaszeski

Host: Corbin Tomaszeski

Raised on a farm outside of Edmonton, Corbin Tomaszeski was born to be a chef. One of his earliest memories is the smell of baking bread in his grandmother’s kitchen. Coming from a large Polish Canadian family, preparing meals was not an easy task for his mother. Corbin worked alongside her, creating wonderful meals such as the heartwarming soups that have become one of his many trademarks.  
Corbin is very passionate about family and food. He is also very loyal to his food service team who he constantly coaches and mentors while still having fun. His creative spirit is woven into everything he does and he has established a strong following from hosting shows such as DINNER PARY WARS, RESTAURANT TAKEOVER, and CRASH MY KITCHEN on FOOD NETWORK and HGTV Canada.
Corbin’s many fans include chefs, customers and viewers alike. All wish to hone or expand their cooking sills and enjoy Corbin’s general demeanour. A born storyteller, Corbin's personal philosophy is that great food is a means to an end. Food has the ability to connect us all in our daily lives.  
An executive chef with a reputation for creating destination eateries, Chef Corbin has been known to right culinary wrongs with charming honesty. He is also known for his ability to rebuild lackluster menus with his signature flair and attention to detail. As an Executive Chef, Corbin has overseen the expansion of many food service outlets. He is an active member of the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks, a Graduate of the Culinary Arts program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and volunteers for organizations such as CANFAR, Canadian Heart and Stroke Association, Osteoporosis Canada, Diabetes Canada, and United Way Canada. He travels throughout North America to showcase his talent and endorse products that bring him joy in the kitchen.
Corbin is currently working on many new projects including his own cookbook, three new restaurants, and a full-service catering & consulting business.

Lisa Helmanis

Host: Lisa Helmanis

Lisa Helmanis is an energetic and multi-talented freelance journalist, stylist, author and presenter from London, England. She regularly covers lifestyle, food, travel and style/design stories for publications such as GQ, Homes & Gardens, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times and Vogue Entertaining, as well as holding the position of Lifestyle Editor of several British magazines (Living Etc., She, and Brides). She has hosted Vacation, Vacation, Vacation on the UK’s Channel 4, and has regularly appeared as an expert on style shows. She is the author of Master Dating, Perfect Weddings, and forthcoming books on charm and sleep. In her work as a stylist and tastemaker, she has developed a launch product for the News International Group, acted as marketing consultant for Austin Reed and Proctor & Gamble, and was a trend consultant for the UK department store John Lewis. She has also styled interior spreads for Elle Décor Sweden, GQ and Marks & Spencer.

Jasmine Baker

Host: Jasmine Baker

Jasmine Baker began creating magical moments at a very young age. From Easy Bake Oven-catered parties and gala events in Barbie’s dream house to working with the management teams of Toronto’s trendiest night clubs and restaurants, Jasmine has always had a passion for everyday elegance and entertaining. As the Crash My Kitchen expert on creating unique and stylish mealtime moments, she is motivated by her love of making guests happy through her natural eye for detail and ability to create atmosphere. With her effervescent charm and boundless energy, she is able to help people add elements of flare to everyday living.

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