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Canadian Living Cooks

Elizabeth Baird, Daphna Rabinovitch and Emily Richards, the three hosts of Canadian Living Cooks, are throwing a family party for the holidays.

And it's not just any party, it's a special party that speaks to their own holiday traditions and memories. Daphna and her sister cook up a Hanukkah favourite - potato latkes, Emily makes her grandmother's Christmas cannelloni with her mom while Elizabeth and her sister whip up a couple of kinds of mouth-watering shortbread cookies.

Lots of other family favourites will be enjoyed at this festive party when everyone comes together to celebrate the holidays.

Daphna Rabinovich

Host: Daphna Rabinovich

Familiar to fans of Canadian Living Television, where she inspired viewers with her "you-can-do-it" approach to cooking, Canadian Living Associate Food Editor Daphna Rabinovitch is now sharing her international experience and her passion as co-host of Canadian Living Cooks.

Daphna grew up in Montreal, arriving in Toronto in the late '70s to pursue her BA in Political Science and Economics at the University of Toronto. But food had always been a passion and, after graduation, Daphna combined her love of food with her business background to operate a catering company. A year later, she traveled to San Francisco to train at Tante Marie's Cooking School, at the same time apprenticing with chef Bradley Ogden and pastry chef Steve Froman at the Campton Place Hotel. Her path firmly charted, Daphna worked for eight months in Tuscany as personal chef to Lorenza de Medici and her family. At the same time, she worked with Lorenza as an assistant teacher at the Badia a Coltibuono Cooking School, teaching classic Italian cooking to visiting groups of Americans.

When Daphna returned to Canada, she accepted the position of Senior Pastry Chef at the prestigious David Wood Food Shop, co-authoring two cookbooks and teaching pastry and dessert classes at local cooking schools. She joined Canadian Living as the Director of the Canadian Living Test Kitchen in 1990 and was appointed Associate Food Editor in 1997. This past year, she authored "Canadian Living Cooks Step by Step," which was nominated for a Libris Award.

"The simple truth," says Daphna, "is that I love food-the historical, sociological and cultural aspects, the preparation, including the shopping-and the enjoyment of it. Food should be relished, appreciated and shared, not just consumed. I'm excited about the opportunity to show viewers how to enjoy Canada's bounty, how to transform it into delicious everyday and special occasion meals, and how to have a wonderful time doing it."

Daphna lives in Toronto with husband Skip and son Jacob.

Emily Richards

Host: Emily Richards

After entertaining Canadian Living Television viewers with her fresh approach to preparing memorable meals, Canadian Living Test Kitchen Associate Emily Richards is now sharing her energy and expertise as co-host of Canadian Living Cooks.

A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Emily began her food career early-she learned to make bread and pasta at her grandmother's knee when she was only 3. Food was the touchstone in Emily's Italian family, so no one was surprised when she opted to get her degree in Home Economics, specializing in Food and Nutrition.

Emily joined Canadian Living in 1996 as a summer student, expecting to stay only three months. But, as so often happens, fate intervened and, at the end of her internship, Emily joined the Canadian Living test kitchen full-time, contributing to recipe development and testing the magazine's award-winning recipes, including those for Canadian Living cookbooks. She also plays a key role in the Canadian Living Cooking School, teaching Canadians how to cook-and, just as importantly, how to enjoy-wonderful foods from around the world. This past year, Emily starred on the Canadian Living stage at The Good Food Festival in Toronto, wowing guests with her wit and wisdom.

"I live by a very simple philosophy," says Emily. "Live, love, cook! I think these are the three most important ingredients to a full and happy life. My life is food and I want to invite everyone in to enjoy the experience."<p>

Emily lives with her husband, James, in Woodbridge, Ont.

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