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Dinner Party Wars

Dinner Party Wars invites you to enjoy a delicious hour of wining, dining and undermining as three couples go head to head in a ruthless, no-holds-barred dinner party competition. Hidden cameras capture every hilarious detail as recipes crash, testy guests come to blows, and taste buds are either tickled or tortured. As the battle rages on inside, expert judges Anthea Turner and Chef Corbin determine the winner while serving up a wealth of culinary and etiquette tips from the comfort of their curbside studio.



All Greek to Me

Determined to surf and turf the competition with their shipwreck theme, Lisa and John bury the backyard in sand. Hottie duo Erina and Elena steam things up with an alcohol-soaked Russian-centric menu that’s heavy on peer pressure. Heritage-proud Greeks Helen and Greg whip up a Hellenic feast complete with a backyard roasting pit, a sticky serving of ‘smart food’, and a plate-smashing finale.

With flammable fishcakes, flying vodka, and sizzling sheep, the tables are set for a culinary smackdown.

Cross Dressing for Dinner

Drenched for Dinner

Fine Whining

Flirting with Disaster

Fondue Free For All

Get Ready to Crumble

Ragin' with the Cajun

Smoking Buns

Smoking the Competition

Tattoo to Tango

Too Cool for Pool

Zings and Arrows

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Corbin Tomaszeski
  • Corbin Tomaszeski

  • Raised on a farm outside of Edmonton, Corbin Tomaszeski was born to be a chef. One of his earliest memories is the smell of baking...

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Anthea Turner
  • Anthea Turner

  • Style and etiquette expert Anthea Turner is one of Great Britain’s best-known TV presenters. Over the years, she has starred in several UK primetime series...

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