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Restaurant Makeover

Restaurant Makeover challenges two restaurant top guns to renovate, revamp, and re-launch local restaurants. The seasoned hot shots--renowned Chefs and Designers from around the country--have a week to overhaul the entire restaurant and the kitchen.
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Brad Long
  • Brad Long

  • Brad Long has prepared meals for some of the world's most discriminating diners and his culinary talent has been recognized by some of Canada's toughest...

    Full Bio

David Adjey
  • David Adjey

  • David Adjey has been in the restaurant business all his life. He rose from scrappy teen years as a dishwasher in a Scarborough Ontario...

    Full Bio

Lynn Crawford
  • Lynn Crawford

  • Chef Lynn Crawford, 'the Renegade Cuisine Queen' has the pedigree and the style. Whether competing against Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America, or hosting Food...

    Full Bio

Rene Chauvin
  • Rene Chauvin

  • In 2003, Rene Chauvin was instrumental in opening Toronto's Distillery District by establishing the kitchens at its three restaurants, Pure Spirits Oyster Bar and Grill,...

    Full Bio

Cherie Nicole Stinson
  • Cherie Nicole Stinson

  • Cherie's portfolio includes several luxury hotels and restaurants across the globe, as well as several independent endeavors in Toronto. Her continued love for design has...

    Full Bio

Glen Peloso
  • Glen Peloso

  • Glen began his design career after achieving his Masters Degree in Fine Arts at York University. During his 10-year career, Glen has worked on over...

    Full Bio

Cheryl Torrenueva
  • Cheryl Torrenueva

  • Cheryl is always trying to integrate industrial design aspects and non-conventional materials into everyday residential designs. With drive to succeed, her style is constantly changing,...

    Full Bio

Corbin Tomaszeski
  • Corbin Tomaszeski

  • Raised on a farm outside of Edmonton, Corbin Tomaszeski was born to be a chef. One of his earliest memories is the smell of baking...

    Full Bio

Massimo Capra
  • Massimo Capra

  • Italian expatriate Massimo Capra is the chef and co-owner of Mistura and Sopra Upper Lounge, two well-known restaurants in Toronto offering fine contemporary Italian cuisine...

    Full Bio

Meredith Heron
  • Meredith Heron

  • Meredith has worked for numerous design firms across Canada and the US. Meredith focuses on both commercial and residential design, specializing in colour and faux...

    Full Bio

Jessica Cotton
  • Jessica Cotton

  • After graduating from The International Academy of Design, Jessica set out to work with one of the top up-and-coming design firms in Canada. After a...

    Full Bio

Igor Shamraychuk
  • Igor Shamraychuk

  • Igor migrated to Canada in 1999 and quickly built a successful business as a contractor. His knowledge, quick wit, and back talk to the designers...

    Full Bio


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