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EVERYBODY thinks they have what it takes to open a restaurant – it’s easy. All you need is grandma’s secret lasagna recipe, some friends willing to wait tables, a little money from your parents, and enough charm to keep ‘em coming back, right? Outrageous Celebrity Chef and restaurant consultant David Adjey knows better. Adjey brings his unique know how, tough love and unorthodox methods to the task – stopping at nothing to get the job done. Will he succeed in turning these dreamers into successful restaurateurs or will he be thrown out before the doors even open? This gritty, dramatic and always entertaining series will be a must watch to closing credits.
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How Dave's Oyster Bar is Doing Now

We chat with Dave from Dave's Oyster Bar to find out how the restaurant is doing.

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How Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse is Doing Now

We catch up with Oscar from Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse to learn how the restaurant is doing.

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How The Salty Dog is Doing Now

We chat with Jan and Kevin from The Salty Dog to find out how the restaurant is doing

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Recent Videos

The Opener - 1014

Dave’s Oyster Bar

Chef Adjey helps a fisherman's wife run a restaurant while her husband spends months away at sea.

The Opener - 1017


A fifty-something former spa manager wants to open South Florida's most romantic dining lounge, so she convinces her love-struck new husband to loan her $1.3 million to get it up and running.

The Opener - 119

Jahnon’s Boyce

A father and son team have been dreaming about opening a restaurant together, but have a serious case of newbie paralysis.

The Opener - 1012

The Salty Dog

Can David help Kevin reclaim his identity by becoming the WING KING of Surf City?

The Opener - 1011

Giggling Jerks

Half brothers Devin and Dylan are the Gigglin’ Jerks, a Caribbean infused restaurant in a quiet Ottawa area.

The Opener - 1010

Poco A Poco

Can David help make the this real estate developer into a resto owner in time for the grand opening?

The Opener - 109

Unwind on Union

Kai and Todd are about to open a bar - restaurant in San Francisco's trendy Marine/Cow Hollow district.

The Opener - 1008

El Barrio

What started out as fun venture gives owners flecks of grey. Can David Adjey resolve the conflicts to turn these owners into a success?

The Opener - 1007

Le Boucan

Can David Adjey help give a tiny 30-seat restaurant a fighting chance of becoming successful enough to support its three owners?

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David Adjey
  • David Adjey

  • David Adjey has been in the restaurant business all his life. He rose from scrappy teen years as a dishwasher in a Scarborough Ontario...

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