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Souzan Michael

Recipe to Riches: Season 2 Episode 2 Judges' Recap

Posted By: Souzan Michael, 10/25/2012 11:44:38 AM

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The truth is that the Savoury Snacks in the batch-up were a big disappointment. The recipes we put through were delicious, and we could see any of these being potential products, but they just didn’t come off in the batch-up. So we were stuck tasting things where we thought “What? This isn’t what we tasted in auditions.”

Lyndsay literally transformed her recipe beyond recognition, so what we tasted after the batch-up wasn’t even what we passed through, and we felt kind of ripped off there. Stephen’s recipe was a good idea but it needed better execution.

The Chicken Cornish Pasties were the most well-executed. In a way we felt like, there we were with two innovative ideas, one that had to do with street food, and the other was an interesting bite, chili inside out, and we went with innovation instead of the best executed which made us feel a bit guilty. I know Jennifer was sure she was going through, so it was a big a shock to her that she was sent home. But in the end, what was the big idea? The big idea wasn’t going to be Cornish Pasties no matter how well-executed it may have been. It was a bit weak on taste although it was a great little home dish, but we didn’t see it having repeat sales power.

Asian Snack Wraps 





What was really interesting about the batch-up for the Savoury Snacks episode is that it really reflected real life. The hurdles our Recipe to Riches finalists had to clear in this batch up were very common. There is always a challenge (or two) along the way when commercializing a recipe into a product but since our competitors didn’t expect them, these common problems really broke the finalists' confidence. To be honest, I’m surprised we haven’t seen these kinds of issues arise before on Recipe to Riches!

The good news is that all the problems we encountered were easily resolved. Sadly, Jennifer went home after our batch-up challenge. Although she had the fewest problems in the kitchen, her concept was weaker than the other two. Even though we loved her product, Jennifer’s Cornish Pasties couldn’t compete against two more innovative products. Likewise, although Stephen’s batch up wasn’t as easy, he was a very deserving winner because he created a snack concept that is new and noteworthy.

Chipotle Chili Bites 



Savoury Snacks are so on trend. Consumers want the ability to eat on the go and they are having less and less family dinners so it’s a very powerful and important category.

There were two really hard-fought product launch events as they were both held in the same arena and they had to fight for their own territory. Stephen had a contest where you had to throw goo inside of a target to demonstrate his chili inside of polenta. The problem I found with the event is that only one person could throw at a time and given that most of the people there were male teens, they got bored with it very quickly.

What I loved about Lyndsay’s event was that she create a rap song and really brought her street food theme to life and everybody could enjoy it. She found a way to engage the entire audience in the event and really brought her street food theme to life. In the end, she didn't take ultimate prize because this competition is about feasibility, desirability, originality and appeal. When it came down to tough deliberations, Stephen’s Chipotle Chili Bites clearly won.
Chicken Cornish Pasties 



If you missed it, catch the full episode here.





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