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Dana McCauley

Returning judge Dana McCauley is the Culinary Director for the respected frozen foods company Janes Family Foods where she is responsible for new product innovation and culinary communication. McCauley brings her expertise and flare for food production to Season 2 of Recipe to Riches.   


As the former publisher of Topline Trends, an online resource for the latest trends in food and nutrition information, she has long been acknowledged as one of North America’s foremost food trend experts. She has translated that expertise into countless new food product projects for well-known brands such as McCain Foods, and Coca-Cola.   


After she obtained her degree in English literature and went to culinary school, she had no thought of ever combining her careers, but a few decades later she is the author of countless food articles and five cookbooks.  She credits her cookbook writing for introducing her to a new career in developing new products.   


McCauley is the mother of a teenage son and is married to well-known Toronto chef Martin Kouprie. They live harmoniously just north of Toronto in a house with well-stocked cupboards.   


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