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Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman, Founder and CEO of Capital C, returns for Season 2 of Recipe to Riches, bringing back his fiery brand of marketing expertise.  Capital C is a winner and three-time nominee of Marketing Magazine’s coveted Agency of the Year and winner of 65+ Gold and Best of Show awards in competitions around the world. 


The youngest individual to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, Chapman is a sought after keynote presenter at major industry and political conferences, as well as a frequent contributor to the mainstream media including a co-keynote appearance at Canada 3.0, sharing the stage with Tony Clement, then Minister of Industry and Commerce.  


His first book Marketing at the Speed of Life™, where he offers organizations and individuals key insights and a road map to leverage the power and potential of social media, will be released this year. 

In addition to his work at Capital C, he invests time on campuses every year combining speaking tours as well as sponsoring innovation projects at Canadian Universities. He is also actively involved with an inner city project with the Boys and Girls Club. 

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