4 - Ingredient Biscuits

  • serves 10

Note: Only use regular cream cheese as the light variety will produce a lumpy biscuit

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Directions for: 4 - Ingredient Biscuits


2 cup flour

1 Tbsp MAGIC Baking Powder

1 250 g tub PHILADELPHIA Spread Cream Cheese

½ cup milk


1. MIX flour and baking powder

2. CUT IN cream Cheese, (any flavour*) with two knives, your hands or a food processor to form a crumbly mixture.

3. STIR IN milk and a handful of desired add-ins (see options below), stirring until dough holds together.

4. PAT dough 3/4 thick on floured surface. Cut out 10-12 biscuits with the top of a glass or a cutter. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 425ºF for 12 min-15 min.

5. Try adding in a few handfuls of:

6. Try mixing biscuit dough with:

7. Try shaping differently:

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