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Kwio Savoy

  • prep time 5 min
  • total time 5 min
  • serves 1
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Kwio Savoy

Whip up this refreshing cocktail featuring white rum, lime, mint and sparkling white wine.

Courtesy of head bartender Kristi Linneboe of Maenam.

Summer, Cocktails/Alcohol, Beverage

Directions for: Kwio Savoy


1 ½ ounce white rum

¾ ounce kaffir lime leaf syrup*

1 ounce fresh lime juice

1 small handful fresh mint leaves

sparkling wine


1. Muddle fresh mint with white rum. Add syrup and citrus. Shake over ice. Double strain and serve straight up in a chilled champagne flute. Top with bubbly.

2. *Kaffir lime leaf syrup: Create a batch of simple syrup: bring equal parts water and equal parts sugar to a gentle boil. Allow to cool.

3. Blanch a generous handful of kaffir lime leaves, then plunge into ice water (to keep that bright green colour). Remove leaves from water and toss leaves and half the simple syrup into a blender, and mix for 20-30 seconds. Add the rest of the simple syrup to the mix and strain.

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