Panko Shrimp with Strawberry Aioli

  • prep time1 min
  • total time 5 min
  • serves 4

Crispy shrimp and a sweet strawberry sauce is a perfect pairing.

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Directions for: Panko Shrimp with Strawberry Aioli


Panko Shrimp

12 jumbo tiger shrimp, de-veined and butterflied

1 cup Honey Panko crumbs for coating

Canola oil for frying

2 eggs, beaten

Strawberry Aioli

handful of fresh strawberries

¼ cup Japanese mayonnaise

¼ cup condensed milk

Shkiaffing it Together


Panko Shrimp

1. Heat 1/4 inch of canola oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat, 375 degrees.

2. Dunk the tiger shrimp in egg then coat them with honey panko crumbs.

3. Fry the shrimp for 1 minute per side or until they start curving in on themselves.

4. Place them on a wire rack to drain excess oil.

Strawberry Aioli

1. In a bowl combine the Japanese mayonnaise with the condensed milk and mix together.

2. Puree strawberries in a food processor.

Shkiaffing it Together

1. Plate fried panko shrimp with a side of Japanese mayo sauce and strawberry puree for dipping.

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