2 cups boiled potatoes, diced 1/2-inch

1 cup onions, julienned

½ cup green onions

½ cup chick pea flour, plus more for coating

2 tablespoons coriander leaves, coarsely chopped

2 tablespoons jalapeno, chopped

1 egg

salt and pepper

oil for frying


1. Place the potatoes in a bowl, add the onions, green onions, coriander, jalapeño and chick pea flour. Mix well, adding the egg. Season with salt and pepper to taste, mix again and start forming your croquettes; they should be about 2” long and 1” diameter. Set croquettes on a plate and refrigerate for a few hours up to overnight.

2. Add about two inches of oil in a frying pan and heat to 340 Fahrenheit. Roll the croquettes in the chick pea flour and place into the oil. Cook until crisp and golden on all sides then remove and serve hot.

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