Sausage and Tomato Polenta

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Directions for: Sausage and Tomato Polenta


Sausage and Tomato Polenta

4 Italian sausage, (about 8 ounces total)

1 Tbsp olive oil

½ tsp hot pepper flakes

1 28 oz can crushed tomato

1 Tbsp dried oregano

½ tsp salt


12 cup water, (approximately)

4 tsp salt

2 cup cornmeal

½ cup grated Parmigiano reggiano or Pecorino romano cheese

½ cup chopped fresh Italian parsley


Sausage and Tomato Polenta

1. Remove casings from sausages; crumble sausages.

2. In skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat; cook sausages and hot pepper flakes, stirring and breaking up meat until browned and crisp, about 8 minutes.

3. Add tomatoes, water, oregano and salt; bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until spoon scraped across bottom of pan leaves space that doesn’t fill in, about 30 minutes.

4. Prepare polenta (see recipe.)

5. Add half of the tomato sauce; stir to combine. Cook, stirring, for about 10 minutes to combine flavours.

6. Add half of the cheese; stir until melted. Serve with remaining sauce and cheese. Sprinkle with parsley.


1. Meanwhile, in large Dutch oven or saucepan, bring 10 cups (2.5 L) of the water and salt to boil. Slowly whisk in cornmeal until thickened. Reduce heat to low. Using wooden spoon, stir often until smooth and very creamy, about 25 minutes, adding more of the remaining water to maintain creaminess.

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