Sesame Crusted Tuna and Seared Tofu in Bonito Soy Sauce with Sesame Gomae Salad

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Directions for: Sesame Crusted Tuna and Seared Tofu in Bonito Soy Sauce with Sesame Gomae Salad


Sesame Crusted Tuna

1 ½ lb(s) sushi grade tuna, cut into 1 inch cubes

1 egg white, beaten until frothy

½ cup sesame seeds

1 tsp grape seed oil

Bonito Soy Sauce

1 cup lossely packed bonito flakes

½ cup soy sauce

¾ cup mirin

tsp sake or cooking sake

1 tsp sesame oil

Seared Tofu

1 block medium tofu, sliced horizontally in half and cut into quarters

2 egg whites, beaten until frothy

1 Tbsp grape seed oil

2 green onions, sliced

Bonito Soy Sauce

Chile Spice Blend, for garnish

Chilli Spice Blend

½ nori sheets

1 tsp black sesame seeds

1 tsp white sesame seeds

1 tsp poppy seeds

tsp orange or tangerine zest

2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp chile powder or red chile flakes

Gomae Salad

½ cup sesame seeds, toasted

¼ cup brown sugar

¼ cup tahini

¼ cup sake

3 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

3 Tbsp soy sauce

2 Tbsp mirin

1 tsp seasme oil

½ cup grape seed oil

2 Tbsp grape seed oil, to cook

¼ cup green onions

1 bag spinach, stems removed and chopped

pinch of salt

Marinated Radishes

4 radishes, julienned (cut into matchsticks)

reserved bonito soy sauce


Sesame Crusted Tuna

1. Dip one side of tuna into prepared egg white, then into sesame seeds. Repeat with remaining tuna. Leave at room temperature for 15 minutes.

2. Heat oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Add tuna, seed side down, and sear until lightly coloured, 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit 1-2 minutes. This will allow the temperature of the fish to rise slightly.

Bonito Soy Sauce

1. Heat a non-stick pan over medium high heat. Add bonito flakes and toast 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and crush bonito flakes with fingers.

2. In a medium bowl, mix soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sesame oil to combine.

3. Add bonito flakes to soy mixture and stir to combine.

Seared Tofu

1. In a shallow bowl, toss tofu in egg whites. Let sit 10 minutes

2. In a large non-stick skillet, heat oil over medium high heat. Add tofu and sear until golden brown, 2-3 minutes per side. Remove from pan

3. Add green onions to skillet and lightly sauté, 1 minute.

4. Spoon 1 tsp of Bonito Soy Sauce and sautéed green onions over each piece of tofu.

5. Garnish with chilli spice blend

Chilli Spice Blend

1. Toast nori sheet over medium low heat of burner, or in a small skillet

2. In a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, grind black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds and poppy seeds together. Crumble nori sheet and add to seed mixture

3. Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine.

Gomae Salad

1. In a spice grinder, or a mortar and pestle, grind the sesame seeds. Transfer to a blender and add brown sugar, tahini, sake, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil. Mix at a low speed to combine. Slowly add the grape seed oil to emulsify dressing.

2. In a large skillet, heat remaining grape seed oil over medium heat. Add green onions and sauté until soft, 2-3 minutes. Add spinach and a pinch of salt and let spinach wilt slightly, 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat and toss spinach with dressing

Marinated Radishes

1. Place radish slices in a bowl of ice water to crisp, 5-10 minutes. Remove and drain well.

2. Just before serving, toss radishes with Bonito Soy Sauce. Serve with tuna, tofu and Gomae salad

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