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Directions for: Tobman's Hot Sauce


6 habanero peppers, chopped with seeds

1 clove garlic, minced

2 onion, minced

¼ cup (50 mL) ginger root, minced

3 Tbsp (45 mL) extra virgin olive oil

1 chicken bouillon cube


1. In food processor, combine peppers, garlic, onions and ginger. Pour in ½ cup (125 ml) water. Pulse on and off until it forms a paste.

2. In medium frying pan, heat olive oil over medium-low heat. Scrape pepper paste into frying pan. Cook, stirring for 5 to 10 minutes or until thickened and fragrant. Add bouillon cube; cook, stirring, for another 2 minutes. Transfer to serving bowl. Serve with chicken or seafood.

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