SugarStars - Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Candy Lovin' Horses
    Candy Lovin' Horses

    Episode 14 - Season 1 - December 22, 2015

    The team is off to the races with a royal themed sweet table for The Queen’s Plate, Canada’s oldest thoroughbred horse race. Meanwhile, a PR powerhouse requests a lavish outdoor sweet table in black, white and lavender for her company’s 10th anniversary.
  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
    Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend

    Episode 13 - Season 1 - December 22, 2015

    All that sparkles is edible on a sweet table for a major jewelry store, including a $5000 diamond necklace baked into a delicious vanilla cupcake for one lucky guest! The team has stars in their eyes when they create an edible installation for a famous jazz singer, but they aren’t exactly over the moon when their lunar centerpiece made of shimmering marshmallows threatens to crash down to earth.

  • Sophia's Birthday/Crime Writers
    Sophia's Birthday/Crime Writers

    Episode 12 - Season 1 - December 21, 2015

    Blood and guts are on the menu as the team creates a coroner’s lab scene for a Crime Writer’s Gala, complete with a realistic human heart cake and all the gory trimmings. Their second table for Elle’s daughter, Sophia’s 8th birthday, is the complete opposite, swapping guts and gore for rainbows and butterflies. When it comes to making rainbow coloured pudding and cake pops, Caspar and Elle clash on who knows Sophia’s tastes better. But the real mystery is how the team will react when they discover both events have been booked on the same day.

  • Italian/Chocolate Ball
    Italian/Chocolate Ball

    Episode 9 - Season 1 - December 21, 2015

    A veritable Italian feast complete with fondant spaghetti and cake meatballs takes center stage as the team creates a sweet interpretation of traditional Italian dishes. A trip to a bakery to source authentic Italian treats gives way to competition and has everyone saying “Oy mama!” The team goes loco for cocoa in creating an all-chocolate sweet table for an annual Chocolate Ball. Splattering chocolate on canvases for a backdrop seems like a good idea, until Yolanda’s kitchen winds up a chocolatey mess.

  • Eaton's/Casa Loma
    Eaton's/Casa Loma

    Episode 8 - Season 1 - December 20, 2015

    All eyes are on the team as they assemble a shopping-inspired “Sweet Court” in the middle of a major shopping mall. Hatbox and shopping bag shaped novelty cakes lead to a buffet of bite-size desserts, ready to be dipped in a multicoloured chocolate fountain. Tensions flare during the setup and a candy jar fiasco before the big reveal has Elle fuming. Meanwhile, an edible contemporary garden sweet table featuring floral flavoured petit fours and lavender loaves poses its own problems when flower power turns sour.

  • Under The Sea/Elephant
    Under The Sea/Elephant

    Episode 1 - Season 1 - December 20, 2015

    The team goes wild with two nature-inspired sweet tables. Banana sandcastle muffins, chocolate octopuses and a 3-tiered buttercreamy bubble cake complete with an Under the Sea theme for a little girl’s 4th birthday party. But with a guest list of both kids and adults, pleasing two palettes is easier said than done. Meanwhile, for an African themed gala, an elephant-shaped edible display adorned with hundreds of candies and macarons on its saddle proves especially cumbersome when the elephant’s fragile foam tusks repeatedly break.

  • Fish/Golf Table
    Fish/Golf Table

    Episode 6 - Season 1 - December 19, 2015

    The team tees off with a golf themed sweet table for a sports show, with bacon topped brownies and chocolate dipped waffles representing a sweet interpretation of breakfast favourites. Just when they think they’ve hit a hole in one, they’re thrown into a tizzy when the client makes a last minute request for two additional golf ball shaped novelty cakes. For their second table, inspired by the world of sport fishing, the team creates mini buckets of cookie crumble dirt with gummy worms to reel in a life-size salmon cake that everyone will mistake for the real thing.

  • Russian Crown/Game of Thrones
    Russian Crown/Game of Thrones

    Episode 5 - Season 1 - December 19, 2015

    It’s battle royale in the shop with an edible window display for George R.R. Martin’s bestselling book, A Game of Thrones. To celebrate his arrival, the team creates three eye-catching dragon egg cakes inspired by the novel. A last minute setup time has the team pulling an all-nighter, but will their creation win the heart of George R.R. Martin? Another request has the team creating a moving – yes MOVING – sweet table to commemorate Russia’s victory over Napoleon. A Russian imperial crown cake centerpiece sits on top of traditional Napoleon slab cake to tell the story of the historic battle.

  • Baby Table/Jordan Knight
    Baby Table/Jordan Knight

    Episode 2 - Season 1 - December 18, 2015

    A childhood dream comes true when the team is tasked with creating a sweet table for New Kids on the Block star Jordan Knight, representing all of his favourite things. The team craft French fries out of sugar cookies complete with red butter cream ketchup that looks like the real thing, and a stunning keyboard cake centerpiece to reflect Jordan’s love of music. Meanwhile, a “Welcome to the World” sweet table for Yolanda’s cousin’s new baby births its own challenge when chocolate pudding looks more like “number two.”

  • Ice Wine/Book Lovers
    Ice Wine/Book Lovers

    Episode 4 - Season 1 - December 18, 2015

    The team pulls out every trick in the book to create a sweet table for a Book Lover’s Ball. Anchored by a cake centerpiece that looks exactly like a stack of books, the table also includes scrumptious s’mores and sugar cookie letters. But an on-site disaster before the big reveal threatens to alter the team’s storybook ending. When tasked with creating a sweet table for an Ice Wine Festival, the challenge to infuse sweet ice wine into marshmallows, cheesecake bites and sorbet has everyone scratching their heads.

  • Grape Gown/Skater Table
    Grape Gown/Skater Table

    Episode 3 - Season 1 - December 17, 2015

    A skateboard themed sweet table for Ethan’s 9th birthday has the team channeling their inner tween to create child-friendly desserts, including chocolate dipped potato chips and a graffiti-style cake centerpiece. But they quickly learn that making totally tubular treats is no child’s play as their sweet table will be set up in the middle of a skateboard halfpipe! Meanwhile, in designing an edible gown made of candy and grapes for a housewarming party, the team uses a mannequin that they’ve named “Shenanae” – but “Shenanae” comes with problems of her own.

  • Topsy Turvy/Winter Wonderland
    Topsy Turvy/Winter Wonderland

    Episode 11 - Season 1 - December 17, 2015

    Elle agrees to create a white Winter Wonderland themed table for her Uncle Sam’s annual work party, but the team runs into challenges in achieving the all-white look. Even adding vanilla extract to white liquid fondant threatens to muddy the pristine colour pallete. Rivalry heats up between Elle and Caspar, culminating in a gingerbread brawl that has Yolanda fuming. Meanwhile, a topsy turvy table for a socialite’s dinner party poses problems when the cake centerpiece, a multi-tiered chocolate cake covered in vibrant red and green fondant, threatens to take a tumble.

  • Holt's/Boxx Cosmetics
    Holt's/Boxx Cosmetics

    Episode 7 - Season 1 - December 16, 2015

    The team is tasked with creating two beauty inspired sweet tables, the first being facial cream product launch at a high-end department store. Yolanda feels the pressure for perfection in making a giant makeup tube out of chocolate cake. The aubergine colour pallete inspires everyone, but a room switch sends Caspar back to the drawing board for his floral backdrop. The second beauty table has the team transforming their entire shop into a colourful cosmetics installation with edible lip gloss and brownie compacts. Antonella has a transformation of her own as she is given a makeover in honour of her wedding anniversary.

  • Mustache/Cupcake

    Episode 10 - Season 1 - December 16, 2015

    When client Christie requests a cupcake inspired sweet table for her daughter in specific red and pink colours, the team is challenged with replicating the desired look. To make the cupcake theme really sing, Yolanda crafts a cake shaped to look like an enormous cupcake. But a last-minute flower shortage has the team scrambling for an edible alternative. Elle admits to booking a Movember themed table the day before Christie’s party, much to Caspar and Yolanda’s chagrin. It’s mustache mania as the team creates fondant covered sugar cookies with black mustaches and chocolate mustache-shaped sweet pops.