Looking to create a truly creepy Halloween haunted house?

Look no further than your refrigerator! While there are many
fabulous gruesome recipes to share with your guests, food can make
for some seriously spooky props. Here are 10 food tricks to help
make your haunted house a true fright.

1. Grapes

Without question, peeled grapes are a must for your haunted
house. Blindfold your guests and get them to stick their hands into
this bowl of “eyeballs.” An alternative to peeling is to add some
olive oil. A little more expensive, lychee fruit also creates the
same feeling. The Chinese Longan Fruit (dragon eyes) actually look
like eyeballs! And, olives stuffed with pimentos are always a must
when cooking scary recipes that are in need of some creepy

2. Pasta

There are so many forms of pasta that make for great creepy
props. Often, a bowl of cold, oily spaghetti passes for squirmy
innards. Freshly cooked spaghetti left to settle in a colander then
flipped over becomes a brain. Thicker cooked pasta makes for great
“worms.” Orzo pasta or rice transform into freaky maggots. Make up
a macaroni dish, sprinkle ground beef and parsley on top, add some
gravestones and you have a graveyard with worms. String up a bunch
of macaroni, soak them until they are somewhat soggy, stick them in
red food coloring and corn syrup and you’ve got animal intestines.
All it takes is a little icky imagination.

3. Jello

It’s amazing how many truly gross Jello recipes you can find.
From creating Jello worms using straws, to using anatomically
correct molds of organs, this versatile product can go from the
mildly creepy to downright gross. Consider a clean bedpan filled
with yellow Jello and chocolate bars. A little red Jello with cream
in a brain mold is delightfully gross. Take a page from Penn and
Teller’s How to Play with Your Food and create a bleeding Jello
heart. Or, for the little ones, green Jello and gummy worms is
always a hit.

4. Oats

Soaked oats make a great mush that becomes a fun, versatile
prop. Have some latex gloves on hand, stuff them with oatmeal and
create squishy body parts for fake bodies. Oats are often used for
“Kitty Litter Cakes.” Add bent tootsie rolls on top and serve
inside a litter box. Just watch people grimace when someone
actually eats it.

5. Apples

The reason apples make for great scary props? They become
shrunken heads! A few days before your big event, peel a few apples
then carve creepy facial features into the flesh. Add cloves for
the eyes. Then, cover the apples with a mixture of lemon juice and
salt and let them dry out. Get creative with some red food coloring
or paint once they’re ready then hang them around as spooky

6. Cauliflower and Cottage Cheese

Like bread goes with butter, overcooked cauliflower and cottage
cheese make a fabulous pair when creating brains and matter; lots
of mushy fun.

7. Marshmallows

Believe it or not this winter favourite can turn into a slimy
scare for your house. String a bunch of large marshmallows together
then brush them with water until slimy. Add a little red food
coloring and you’ve got intestines. Melted marshmallows with food
coloring and Rice Krispies floating around make for maggots in
sticky blood. Blindfolded guests sticking their hands into gooey
melted marshmallow? Eeewww!

8. Salsa, Cream Corn and Peas

This lovely concoction becomes a bowl of sickly vomit.

9. Canned Pears, Popcorn Kernels and Watermelon

With these three ingredients in separate bags, your blindfolded
guests can feel the sensation of a tongue (pears), loose teeth
(popcorn), and the fleshy skin of the mouth (watermelon).

10. Dried Asian Noodles or Corn Chips

The best way to use these is as a sound prop for blindfolded
guests. However, beware-only explore this if you’ve got plastic
covering on your floor. When your guests walk over these items, the
crunch is reminiscent of walking over a floor of bugs. For
something a little less messy, break celery sticks or carrots to
create the sound of breaking bones.

Whether you’re using food as haunted props, or creating some
ghastly, ghoulish recipes, there are so many amazing ways to get
creative with food this Halloween. Keep a few things in mind: a
little red food coloring goes a long way, know your “audience” and
most importantly, don’t be afraid to get gross!

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