I love to shop for both foodies and
non-foodies in my life. Everyone to a varying degree uses
their kitchen on a daily basis and giving gifts that are not only
functional but provide some personality are always a hit. And
nothing gives a kitchen more personality then a shot of
colour. Why not give your favourite foodie something special
this year that packs a colourful punch of blue!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer
This is a coveted kitchen appliance by many a
gourmand. The heavy duty mixer makes quick work of mixing
dough and quickly forms whipped cream into perfect
dollops. Plus, the stylish lines and bold colour make for a
statement piece when out on the counter. Available
HomeSense for $399.




LeCresuet Dutch Oven
Le Creuset has long been the go-to maker of quality dutch
ovens. Available in a myriad of colours, these tough-as-nails pots
are perfect for the stew lover on your list. Available at Epicure Shop (2L) $159.95.






Anna G. Blue

This utilitarian tool usually lives in the kitchen drawer, but with
a gadget this whimsical is cries out for a home on the counter.
This is a perfect pairing for the wine lover who has everything.
Available at Gabriel Ross for $61.







Salt & Pepper Mill Set
Put a little fun into your flavour with this icy blue mill
set from Peugot. The reflective blue base casts a colourful shadow
through the mill making them truly counter-worthy. Available at KitchenNiche.ca for $76.49.






The Gripper Cutting Board
Make boring cutting boards a thing of the past with this
fresh-coloured beauty.  It adds a little pizazz that
often lacks on countertops. Plus the gripping surface makes for a
stable surface for the chef you really gets into their
Available at City Chef for $20.


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