You know you
shouldn’t, but sometimes it’s hard to resist the call of a hot dog.
I have friends who won’t touch the stuff, I can only say I wish I
was as strong. (For our verdict on the best-tasting wieners check
Tasting Lab: Are Hot Dogs Just For Kids?

I like my hot dog loaded with ketchup, Dijon mustard, sauerkraut,
hot pepper rings and pickles. But that’s nothing compared to how
some establishments dress up the humble hot dog.

Al Dente has put together a post titled Five
Hot Dogs That’ll Kill You
. It’s a
fascinating-in-a-shocking-but-kind-of-sounds-yummy sort of a way.
Take the Breakfast Hot Dog. It’s hot dog wrapped in bacon,
deep-fried and served alongside fried eggs and American cheese.
Breakfast of champions anyone?

Another killer hot dog on the list is the French Fry Hot Dog on a
Stick, popular in South Korea, my birthplace. It’s thick-cut french
fries wrapped around a hot dog and deep fried. If I’m being honest,
I have to admit it looks kind of good.

Rounding out the list is Paula Deen and her lard dog. This popular
Food Network host apparently likes to top her hot dog with cheese,
bacon and lard! I’m not making this up. You gotta give props to a
gal who doesn’t shy away from fat.

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