I thought I’d share some
pretty pictures. These gorgeous dishes were prepared by Auberge du
Pommier’s Executive Chef Jason Bangerter who is known for taking
traditional French-style cooking and adding a modern twist.

On the left are Feuilleté (warm warm goat’s cheese tart with tender
leeks potée, sticky sugar date et artisanale vinaigre la Guinelle),
and on the right are
Langoustines (crispy
fried langoustine tails with Clementine, perilla leaves and sauce
ravigotte). The Lagoustines were my favourite. You can’t go wrong
with fried

Here are some appetizers: chilled pea puree and smoked salmon
wrapped scallop mousse with spider crab, tarragon and champagne

It was for a charity
luncheon event sponsored by Concord Adex Development. For every
writer and editor who attended the event, the condo development
company, made a donation to the Sick Kids Foundation. I was
literally eating for a good cause. How could I refuse?

As you can see in the pictures, I was impressed by Chef
Jason’s attention to detail especially in his presentation. Here he
is preparing Legumes du Jardin – spring vegetable crudités with
Moroccan style lamb kofta, chilled pea puree and saffron garlic

Using a peeler, he shaved fresh vegetables like asparagus, turnip,
carrots which served as the base for the dish. This mix was also
used as a centrepiece for the table. As you can see below, it
looked spectacular. I also loved how artichokes, mushrooms, lemons,
asparagus and peas in pods were used as centrepieces.

I don’t think I’ll be
making Champagne cream for my next dinner, but putting purple
artichokes in a bowl is definitely up my alley. Aren’t they