Over seven hundred applicants, six finalists… Who was declared
the Superstar Chef Challenge winner?

After putting our six finalists under pressure by making them
cook a perfect omelettes, style a restaurant-worthy dessert, and
perform in front of a live studio audience, Dana
, from Vancouver, British Columbia was declared
the Superstar Chef Challenge Winner.

Congratulations Dana! You are Food Network Canada’s Superstar

The Challenge:

Foodies with a zeal for cooking and a flair for the camera were
invited to enter a nation-wide search. After being selected from
over 700 hundred audition tapes, the six finalists had to showcase
their star potential and finesse for cooking.

Hosted by Food Network Canada’s own Kevin Brauch (The
Thirsty Traveler
) the Superstar Chef Challenge finalists
underwent several rounds of competition. Celebrity judges Christine
Cushing (Christine Cushing Live), Michael Smith (Chef
at Home/Chef at Large
), and Bob Blumer (The Surreal
) made the cuts based on cooking ability, food
knowledge, the ability to work under pressure, and on-camera