Sharon asks, “I just wanted to know whether
eating less or skipping meals when not hungry will healthily reduce
your weight?”

Answer: Skipping meals is definitely a ‘no no’
for weight loss – or for general health. Skipping meals may
actually cause you to gain weight!

When you skip meals, your metabolism goes down because your body
does not have any food energy to keep it at ‘full speed.’ As a
result, you don’t burn as many calories. And, as an added
bonus, when you eat again your body stores that food much
quicker. Why? Because it doesn’t know when you are going to
eat again. It thinks it’s starving! Your best bet: Eat regular
meals and snacks – don’t go any more than 4 hours without eating

Now eating less, that’s a different story. Eating less WILL help
you lose weight. Just put less on your plate; have smaller
snacks. Reducing your calorie intake as well as increasing your
exercise is the key to weight loss.

Remember – to lose weight, you still need to eat. You just
need to eat less than you were before!

Answer provided by Kimberly London, Registered

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