DM asks,“I would like some info on
eating and Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks!”

Answer: I’m not really sure if you are talking
about eating to prevent MS, or eating when you have MS – so today
we’ll talk about prevention.

Multiple Sclerosis is an
inflammation/deterioration of the myelin sheath surrounding the
nerves. It is an autoimmune disease that can affect vision,
hearing, memory, movement and balance. The experts don’t really
know what causes MS; one possible factor is geographical location,
another is diet.

Research is showing a higher prevalence of MS in those who
consume a diet high in saturated fats (high fat meat and dairy,
tropical oils).  As result, it is recommended to follow the
Canadian guidelines on fat consumption: no more than 30% of
calories should come from fat, and no more than 10% should be
saturated fat (approx 20 grams/day). So cut back on the bacon and
the high fat cheese!

There is also research looking into vitamin D and its role in MS
prevention. Studies are showing that those with MS may be deficient
in this vitamin. 

And, as with the prevention of almost all chronic diseases,
living a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and regular
physical activity is recommended.

Answer provided by Kimberly London, Registered

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