Bahar asks,“Which foods do you
recommend for someone who has had their thyroid removed
and are on synthroid? Which foods prevent hypothyroidism?”

Answer: With the removal of the thyroid you are
at risk of hypothyroidism – or under active thyroid.  In
truth, there is no specific diet for those without a thyroid. 
Just follow a healthy, high fiber diet and maintain a healthy body

– Eat according to Eat Well with Canada’s Food

– Eat lots of fiber and less fat
– Reduce the intake of high calorie/low nutrient foods (such as
pop, chips, candy, etc)
– Limit intake of sodium, caffeine and alcohol

If you are experiencing any symptoms of
hypothyroidism (fatigue, weight gain despite poor
appetite, difficulty concentrating), you may need your medication
adjusted.  Make sure to see your doctor.

  Answer provided by Kimberly London, Registered

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