Gilmore Girl asks: “Could you tell me
about stevia and blue agave? Are they better than

Answer: These two sugar
substitutes possess qualities that are naturally good for

Stevia is a natural, unrefined sweetener that comes from the
leaves of the stevia plant. It has a highly concentrated degree of
sweetness which lasts longer than regular sugar. Agave syrup
(which includes blue agave as well as other types of agave) is a
natural, unrefined sweetener that comes from the juice of the agave
plant and is also much sweeter than sugar. You would only
need to use a fraction of either of these to achieve the same level
of sweetness produced by spoonfuls of refined sugar. What’s
great about stevia is it contains no calories! Great for those of
us who are counting calories.

Unlike refined sugar, both stevia and agave contain nutrients
(chromium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc) which makes them easier
for your body to digest. They both have minor effects on
your blood sugar level. This means it’s easier on your
pancreas. With all the different sweeteners and sugar
substitutes available, stevia and blue agave are
definitely great natural alternatives!

Answer provided by Jackie Yurko, Doctor of Naturopathic

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