Sue asks: What are some calcium rich foods, in
addition to dairy products? 

Answer: Although dairy is commonly thought of
as the richest source of calcium in our diet,
there are a bunch of other foods that we can get our daily calcium
intake from.   

Some additional foods which are a great sources of
calcium include:  leafy greens ( specifically
kale, collard greens, bok choy, dandelion greens,
and broccoli), legumes (specifically
chickpeas, navy beans, and pinto
), soy products (soy milk and
tofu), nuts and seeds (specifically sesame
and almonds), and seaweeds
(specifically dulse, nori, and
kelp). Overall, by including a variety of
these foods in your diet on a daily basis you will be able
to maintain a healthy level of calcium. 

However, in order for calcium to be properly absorbed and
utilized by your body, you’ll also need to have a
sufficient amount of vitamin D in your body.
Vitamin D is found in most fortified milks (including soy, rice and
cow’s milk) and you can produce vitamin D naturally through direct
exposure to sunlight. It’s also a good idea to take a daily vitamin
D supplement  to ensure you have an adequate level of vitamin
D, so you are able to fully benefit from the calcium you’ve

Answer provided by Jackie Yurko, Doctor of Naturopathic

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