The Stats
Title: Martha Stewart’s New Pies & Tarts
Author: Martha Stewart
Price: $27.99
Availability: Major book retailers

The Book
Maybe I shouldn’t be flipping through the pages and pages of
decadence when I’m hungry. Torturous! I’m staring down this amazing
cherry pie on the cover and all I can think of is
how much I want pie right now.

As always, Martha Stewart’s cookbooks are nothing short of
flawless. The soft cover format, the light and bright photography,
amazing selection of recipes and great instruction always hook

The books kicks it off with a list of classics that have been
ranked over past couple of decades from Martha Stewart
All the classics you’d expect made the list, of course
— pecan, apple, pumpkin, and blueberry to name a few. But what
really excited me is the savoury pies and tarts
featured in this volume. I guess I was just expecting a book of
desserts and was really pleased to find some great looking lunch
and dinner options in here.

That being said, I immediately picked up all the ingredients I
needed to try out the Spanakopita.

I’ve been keeping a recipe journal and since I love this dish,
I thought I’d be really happy to add this Greek
recipe to my repertoire
. The recipe turned out well (see
left), it was simple and delicious (I got impatient waiting for the
frozen spinach to thaw. Blame my lack of preparation), but
it’s not something I’ll make again any time soon. It’s not because
I didn’t like the recipe; it really boils down to me being lazy
(HA!). I should note that this recipe freezes amazingly well and I
found the Spanakopita actually tasted better when cooked from

I’m still poring over many of the pages deciding what I want to
try next. I’m thinking Frozen Chocolate-Peanut Butter

Anyone have any recommendations from this book yet?


Food Porn

   As I already mentioned,
this book is full of gorgeous and hunger-inducing imagery!

Final Analysis

You may like it if…

  • You’re looking for a book of classic desserts
  • You like savoury baking options as well

You may not like it if…

  • Fat and sugar aren’t something you indulge in (Where do you
    find the will power?)

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