I just finished previewing a new series
with Montreal’s superstar chef Martin Picard called The Wild
. It’ll premier in the fall on Food Network Canada.

The Wild Chef is a fitting name for this seven part
30-minute series that’s, in some ways, more of an adventure show
than a cooking show.

In each episode Chef Martin, and his Sous-Chef Hugue Lafour, hit
the road to trap muskrats, to hunt moose, and to fish for giant
lobsters (which they prepare with truffles!).

Much of the cooking is done outside, often battling the
elements, with a make-shift oven.

The rebel chef, famous for his love of fat and foie gras, is one
chef not afraid to cook in his own distinct style.

He says he doesn’t want to provoke or shock (as seen in the
picture he leaves the fur on the moose shank to remind us that we
are eating an animal), it’s just that he’s dedicated to making food
his way.

Martin Picard’s Montreal restaurant, Au Pied De Cochon (At the Foot of the
Pig), which is also the title of his critically-acclaimed cookbook, has gained
prominence worldwide for taking fast food of his native Quebec and
kicking it up several notches.

On the menu you’ll find items such as foie gras poutine to foie
gras cake (!), which is made with layers foie, bread, figs,
cranberries jelly all topped with an intricate sugar dome.

The Wild Chef is not for the faint of heart. In one
episode he serves a traditional Quebec ceapaille made with wild
goose and garnishes it with the actual head of the goose.

Not one to shy away from controversy, another episode of The
Wild Chef
is devoted to making foie gras infused with maple
syrup (incidentally this was one of my favourite episodes).
Shock value aside, Martin Picard comes across as a charismatic and
generous man with an incredible passion for food.

I found the series fascinating. It’s a treat to see a chef of
Martin Picard’s calibre working with food. I’ll be interested to
know what you guys think of the series come this fall. It’s
definitely worth checking out.

It just so happens that I’ll be chatting with Martin Picard this

If you guys have burning questions for Montreal’s master
chef, please post them below.