Our very own
Chuck Hughes
will be battling one of the toughest chefs to beat
on Iron Chef America this Sunday (March 20th, 10pmET).
Yup, he’s up against
Iron Chef Bobby Flay

It’ll be a close call since no Canadian chef has ever beaten Mr.
Susur Lee
came pretty darn close, they tied ‘member? (Although
some would say Susur was robbed). But Mr. Flay has handily beat
Lynn Crawford
Michael Smith

But our boy Chuck is not one to shy away from a challenge. He
purposely picked Bobby because he is the best. When I sat down with
him, Chuck told me how he prepared for the battle, his thoughts on
the episode and how it all culminated into a new man-crush for
Chuck. No,  his bromance wasn’t with Bobby, you’ll have to
watch the clip to find our who. (You guys have to watch this clip,
it’s definitely one of my faves!)