Practical tips for cooking with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

1- Sundried tomatoes can be purchased either dry-packed, or
oil-packed. I usually rock the oil packed ones. They’re a bit
softer, and that leftover oil makes for a killer salad dressing, or
uses it to whip up some croutons or crustiness.

2- If you’re using the dry-packed ones, here’s my trick; Place
them in a small bowl with just a splash of water and olive oil.
Wrap the bowl in plastic and fire it into the microwave for a 1
minute or so. This will help to get some moisture back into them,
and then they’re ready to go.

3- Remember, sundried tomatoes have a very concentrated and
intense flavour; it’s worth taking into consideration when dreaming
up things to pair them with.

4- Try putting some sundried tomatoes in the food processer,
with some artichokes, goat cheese and fresh herbs and you’ve got
the perfect stuffing for chicken. Or, do them up with some cream
cheese, for your morning bagel.

4- Make them yourself! Ok well they won’t technically be
SUNdried tomatoes, but they’re super good anyways! Take a few roma
tomatoes, cut them lengthwise and give them a drizzle of olive oil,
a touch of course salt, and a turn or two on the peppermill. Add a
few sprigs of your favourite hearty herb like rosemary or thyme,
then fire them in the oven at about 200, till they’re nice and