Being a transplanted East Coaster living in Toronto can be
frustrating at times. How can this city have so much good food but
not any decent places to grab a donair? I’ve tried many an gyros
and sought out donairs in remote areas of the city, but they just
don’t live up to my greasy, garlic-y expectations. (If you know a
place in Toronto that sells a good donair, do share!)

Halifax is
famous for its donairs, but there are two
restaurants that can be found in just about any village, town and
city across the Maritimes that serve up these meat + sweet
delights: Pizza Delight and

These two restaurants have slightly different interpretations of
a donair: Greco’s version (left) looks more like an gyros, and the
Pizza Delight one (below) is basically a pizza dough with all the
toppings that you eat with a knife and fork. 

In its most basic form a donair is: some sort of bread, donair
meat (referred to only as such on their websites and Wikipedia, but
I believe it mostly beef), donair sauce (sweet and garlic-y), diced
onions and tomatoes. At Greco they’re also available with
mozzarella cheese and at Pizza Delight they’re topped with lettuce.
Pizza Delight also offers up a Super Donair that has pepperoni.

I’ll be honest,
I’ve always preferred Greco. But this summer when I was back East,
Pizza Delight won me over. I kind of liked eating it with a knife
and fork.

Basically it boils down to what you’re in the mood for. Want a
donair on the run? Greco’s a solid choice. Looking to sit down and
relax? Grab Pizza Delight. I’ve got no clear favourite. 

Which do you prefer? Have you tried either or
both or these donairs? What do you think?

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