Looks like summer came late this year and will
be sticking around a little while longer (not like you need any
excuse to indulge in a cold and creamy scoop of the good stuff). If
Foodtv.ca Flickr pool
is any evidence, the community has been
enjoying a bevvy of ice cream treats, from classic
vanilla to a 5-scoop tasting at a gourmet restaurant. Many of the
photos below have corresponding recipes, so get
your ice cream maker ready!

Above: (from left to right): Vanilla Ice Cream
Three Ways. 
(aka: bittersweet) serves vanilla ice cream straight-up.
Why mess with perfection? Her
À La Mode ebook
has the recipe for this vegan ice
, plus a dozen more. In the middle, it’s a
sundae/cone hybrid from
Café Fernando
that was inspired by an episode of the Golden
Girls. Check out the
for the sauce and ice cream and you can make your very
own at home. On the right, a cone of beauty from the streets of New
York by
. It’s soft serve vanilla covered in Nilla
wafers and dulche de leche. I wish I could have seen that cone get
demolished – I’m guessing it was equal parts messy and

Above: And now, for something completely
different.  How about some fig and port wine sorbet? Thank
for providing the
and giving us an excuse to mix a little nip of booze
with our dessert (apparently it keeps the sorbet smooth). Also
delicious: these
chocolate vanilla delights
, which look cupcake-esque in their
solid chocolate cups (to make them, melt approximately 300g of
semi-sweet chocolate or chocolate chips and freeze in 6 foil muffin
cups, then scoop in your favourite flavour just before

Above: This blueberry-lime-coconut ice cream looks
so delicious that making a trip to Germany to visit flickr group
doesn’t sound so crazy.  Luckily, she also posted
on her blog. Or how about this lemon and ice cream shot
? Such a refreshing presentation!

Above: This “tasting of ice creams” at Cru restaurant in
New York won a spot in

best dish list
, and I can see why! From left to right: yogurt,
coconut curry, basil, strawberry, butter pecan. Her favourite of
all the flavours was the coconut curry. You can try it at home
using this

shared this photo of cherry cheesecake ice cream – a
delicious dessert made with cream cheese instead of the standard
cream. The attached
calls for strawberries, but works with whatever fruit
you have on hand.

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